fix-a-flat :)

So yesterday we got a flat tire on our way home from Harrison.  Luckily, we were in our garage when we heard air leaking out of the tire so Tucker was able to pull the truck up to the shop, remove the tire and we took it to Lisacs for a fix… just like that. simple- no complications. 

Flat tires always bring me back..

 yes, let’s go back to summer if 2002, when my older brother Brent and I were headed to Silverwood to meet up with my mom, Bryce and Connor for a fun-filled family weekend.  We were about 100 miles away from Silverwood and about 32 miles from the closest anything…when we got a flat.  The air was not leaking out slowly (like yesterdays flat)  it was gushing out..and we had to pull over and we were already running late.  I was not yet a country girl/motor head/mechanic in 2002…. so I just sat back and watched Brent ‘pretend’ to know what he was doing.. he did manage to jack the car up and remove the tire.. and I got my hands dirty -but mostly just cleaning up, and handing off tools and things like that.  I really did nt know what I was doing and I was relying on Brent to save the day.  and he did.  We put the doughnut on and putted into the next town— 

We went into the tire shop and asked the guys if they could get us in quick because we were running late and Silverwood is clearly an emergency.  They agreed, and pulled the car around..  now what I am about to tell you next embarrasses the Sh*t out of Tucker but for blog purposes…Ill share….

The guys at the shop came out and asked us where the tire was…

I was so confused… “like the flat one?”

[mechanic] “yes, the rim and the tire”

Right about now I am looking at Brent and {for the record }Brent knew exactly where the tire was.. he saw me do it.. and he too, did not know that I was making an epic idiotic move.

[me] “uhhh, I rolled it down into the ditch”

The mechanic looked at me, waiting for me to say “roast!…its right here” but when I didn’t say that… he said “Can you excuse me for a second?”

He walked into an office with a foggy glass window and perhaps it was somewhat soundproof..but I could hear and see him laughing and slapping his knees..  his friend that he was telling this to.. was also in hysterics and they were even wiping tears from their eyes, because they were laughing so damn hard.

I was STILL confused and so was Brent.. for real.

They finally came out and suggested that we go back to try to locate the rim in the ditch .. so we did go back and we turned up empty-handed.   I don’t remember ANY conversation in the car on the way to the spot..or the way back to the tire shop.  If there would have been a tire shop anywhere for the next 70 miles I swear we would have sucked it up and drove there to spare us the humiliation.. but we had no choice.   We were EXTREMELY late to Silverwood and we were down some dollars.. lots of dollars. rims are not cheap.. thats why you should save them.  lesson learned. 

Brent has never changed a flat since… he has AAA (I think he is platinum member) and I have Tucker.. 



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