gloved up

Years ago, I saw for the first time, the process of artificial insemination (AI)- and it is NOT pretty.  The person fortunate enough to be performing this task, puts on a giant glove- all the way up to the shoulder, fills his hand with lubricant and then sticks one hand in the rectum of the cow(up to the elbow basically) and threads the cervix with the other.  It is pretty intense to watch.  Lost my appetite that first time I witnessed it..

A couple of years ago..I figured I would give her a try.  Paris Hilton did it on her reality tv show and I am sorry… but I am WAY above her in terms of ‘cowgirl’. 

Unfortunately for me, I didnt have a camera that day.  I am sure most people don’t believe me when I tell them that I just wanted to try it.  It was a proud moment for me, and I am sure it gained me some points in Tucker’s eyes.  He totally digs me when I ‘dive right in’ to ranch activities….. {no pun intended.}or when I am covered in cow dung– so… yep pretty sure he loved it.

Well, blog friends.  I will never disappoint..

I dove in again…

on Saturday.

There you have it. 

We had plans to go to the rodeo but we did this instead. 

It was a win-win.

For me and the cow.   sick!!

I apologize for posting this blog right after ‘yumminess’ ..   it does not seem right to go from food to poop so suddenly. 


2 thoughts on “gloved up

  1. Thanks for the informational session. I’ve always wondered what AI looked like… for real! 🙂 Its just as nasty as I thought it would be.

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