more Hats & Sun

Remember the blog bout Nikki and I wearing “many hats”…. well I reproduced with a red–head… Many Hats and  Sunscreen (spf 70+ with Zinc oxide fomula) are our BEST FRIENDS in the summer:)   Plus I love all the cute hats for kids these days.  We are linking up with for small style, and gusssy sews Sunshine Blog today ….. double whammy…. check em out!

Waiting patiently to ride the carousel in Missoula!

Cheers-ing with popsicles.

Papa Mark even got in on the "hat" fun. He was in heaven pushing his grandbabies 'round in the wheelbarrel!

We ❤ these Fedoras!

We are having a lot of fun in the SUN… AND haven’t gotten sunburnt yet….thanks to our many hats!!! xoxo LG

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