mmmmm M&M

Lacy spent the weekend at Canyon Ferry with family and I spent the weekend at the Folk Festivities so .. on Sunday night when our paths crossed, we knew we only had a couple of hours to hang out and maybe take a picture or two.  We went to the historical M&M in historical uptown Butte because, we are both from Butte and we know it never disappoints.  We talked to a few people in there and provided them with some information about this very blog, planking, and other REALLY important stuff that they were all gathered around to hear.  We met the owner, the bartender, the cooks.. and some random patrons..


yeah we dont get out much.

We stepped outside because Lacy spotted a man walking by with a yoga mat strapped to his backpack..  she chased him down to ask him yoga-type questions and learned that his ‘yoga mat’ was not a yoga mat at all… it was his bed roll. 


So .. Lacy and I went next door to a vacant building that had one window broken out.. it was a large display window- with nothing in it.  This was our one and only chance to do what we have both wanted to do our whole lives… be window models or window mannequins. 

 We asked the gypsy man who calls himself, “dingo” to take a few pictures of us. 

What did we learn from this experience? 

Window modeling is NOT easy

Dingo is no Yogi…

and he is not a photographer either.

(xox) Lacy and Nikki.

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