back to bloggin…

What a crazy last couple of weeks!  Fireworks, school, late nights, and Lacey and Jaime Wood’s wedding:)  I had about 13 piles of laundry to catch up on and our house needs some serious attention. I had to take a time-out from the blog world..but I’m back:)

The Wood wedding was blog-worthy and then some.. I can not wait to see the pictures and hopefully put some on here- it was truly amazing.   Lacey was stunning in her dress and her hair did not disappoint..  wow.   A big ol’ barn, a frikkin amazing band, perfect weather, a beautiful couple, delicious food, and truckloads of cowboys… and cowgirls!  It was just..


——fireworks went well.. glad it is over.  If I have to describe another artillery break and tell one more person approximately how high each peony or willow bursts..I think I would maybe become ill.  It is a VERY tough job and I know somebody has to do it.. but I am over it.   It is one of my hats.. but until June 24th 2012, I am putting that hat away.  Unless someone wants some New Years Eve fireworks.. ha ha ha

Today, I took my little sun-loving boys to the ponds for some rays..Cutler got a new toy and he wanted to try it out.  A vaccum bug sucker.  After that- we lit some smoke balls and other little stuff..  the boys loved them

bug sucker doubles as a gopher gun.
little Cormac.. loving the sun and the water:)
LOVES smoke balls.
he really REALLY loves them


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