more red, white & blue…..

Ok….. so 90% of the time when I decide I’m going to whip up something creative and funky in the kitchen it is a flop…………..But NOT TONIGHT………….owww owwww!!!   I’m actually really tooting my own horn here on this one guys…… and feeling an abundance of excitement for INDEPENDENCE DAY!  This little snack was also beyond SIMPLE…. which was also another reason for my success.  Seriously… it took me like 5 mins to make these…. and how cute/festive/yummy do they look?!

Here is the site to get the actual instructions! And you can even dip the strawberries first in milk chocolate, then in white chocolate…. YUMMO.

This picture is from pinterest & the recipe website.  Everyone needs to make these… just so you can make something that actually looks just like the picture in the recipe!  That Never Happens!  Happy weekend everyone!! >>LG

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