BonBons & Summertime

I love it when my hubby comes home from work and asks “WHAT DID YOU DO TODAY?”

Because then I can tell him “I sat on the couch all day and ate BON-BONS …… ALL DAY!” 😉

This is my interpretation of what it would be like to do that.. unfortunately I’m WAY to hyper,  didn’t have any bon-bon’s or sweets around the house (so I grabbed a magazine),  and I really only played around with the idea of “sitting on the couch eating bon-bon’s” for a split second…. before realizing….

 I’m sure ALL you mama’s out there probably feel the same way.  Everyday when the kids are napping I am in a mad-dash to get the laundry done, dishes cleaned, yoga classes planned, dinner made, blogs posted…. etc.   I  lOVE the bon-bon quote though … and I will use it everyday for the rest of eternity when asked “what did you do today?” 

 I also lOVE summertime AND

 soaking up the SUN!

lOVE these pinterest summer pictures~!

love all you blog readers TOO! xoxox>>LG

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