Baby you’re a firework….

Me, Taylor and Berkeley.

2011 marks the 12th year for the Foley family slingin’ fireworks.   I LOved fireworks as a kid and remember saving money to buy them every year.  I never dreamed I would hold the coveted duty and responsibility of a firecracker connoisseur..      We are making dreams come fuse, one boom at a time.  Together with my family, we slash prices, make killer deals, and gain satisfaction with a mere smile from our pyro-lovin’ peeps.

Mom planking on the stand. We told her how good she was at planking- so she kept doing it throughout the day.. We had to tell her enough is enough. We would lose track of mom and one of us would say "where did mom go?... Oh, she's planking again" lol

A few fireworks that we have at Wholesale. lol

Bryce and Connor.

We open early in the morning and close sometimes after midnight every day from june 24th – July 5th.  During these long but fun-filled days,We get to see friends and family and often strangers that have learned only now, that Wholesale fireworks (located conveniently across the street from Wal-Mart) is not a stand…it’s a store!  Every year we all work until the fifth, and by July 1st we are dog tired, sick of walking up and down the stand, and our descriptions of the fireworks become less and less animated.. HOWEVER.. every year on the night of the third and the fourth on my way home from the stand  (around midnight).. I see fireworks going off all over the city of Butte ..every color, every size, loud whistles, and echoing booms.. and I find myself pulled over on the side of the road to wipe the tears that are streaming down my face..because I am so proud!

I LOVE fireworks and I LOVE this great country that we live in..

here I go.. crying again.

dang it.

above, below, beside, besides....I heart explosives.

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