Well the Edmundson family loaded up yesterday to put some mineral out for the cows at Harrison Lake .  We tried to get an owl update –unfortunately, they are flighty and they fly away and hide in trees.  BUMMER.  But..they are beautiful and I hope to get some pictures next time…I know everyone cares about them and wants to see them.  Thank you for your concern in regards to the owls.

When we were loading up the gator to come home, I set Cormac in the grass for a second.  Cutler was playing in the dirt and I grabbed my camera for a quick picture of Big Mac…I mean…Cormac and



I screamed and threw my camera on the ground..  I  picked up the biggest rock I could find and slammed the giant snake right in the head. Kill shot.  He didnt stand a chance against a protective brave mama.. ..

ok.. the snake was dead already.  Tucker spotted it on the side of the road and we set the whole scenario up.

We are sick …sick ..people.

ps. please note the concern on Cormac’s face. lol

6 thoughts on “SSSSSSssssssss.

  1. love your sick sense of humor!! I’m sure many won’t think you were funny but I loved it!!!!! I hate snakes!!! Ya Cormick’s attitude towards the whole scenario is great! Mom

  2. OMG!!! I guess the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree!! I can totally see your dad doing that to you at that age!

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