GREEN J.e.l.l.o.

I found another super cute blog to link up to on Thursdays…  Gussy’s Inspiration Workshop… check it out!

Anyways, the theme today for Gussy was GREEN, and I started scrolling through my photo albums and found something I’ve actually been wanting to blog about since we started this blog on March 25th, 2011.  My Jello Martini Wormy Creations. 

Yes, that is exactly what I said…My Jello Martini Wormy Creations… we will shorten this recipe to MJMWC…. sorta like how Rachel Ray came up with EVOO for extra virgin olive oil. 

So I have made these MJMWC’s for Halloween parties, and recently made them for my first Garden Party/B-day Party for my husband back in May.  The kids TOTALLY LOVE em’, my carpet… not sooo much…  and well, as for me….. I like em enough to blog about em’, so that is ALOT:)!

Super Simple.  Jello, Gummy Worms, and Martini Glasses.  Put em’ in the fridge for about 4 hrs, and bust em’ out when the kids need a snacky!!

So Rocco didn’t finish his whole MJMWC at the b-day party that night and the next day he INSISTED on taking the MJMWC down to the park.  Note… he had an actual GLASS martini glass, and I was very sure and very scared that the martini glass was going to come crashing out of the stroller on the ride down to the park.  But… the MJMWC made it.  wheeewww.

Here he is with it! I wonder what the other moms at the park thought…hrmmmm???

Still won’t let go of that darn thing.

At least he was sharing.

Keeping it classy with his shirt tucked into his diaper….not a lot of babies can pull this off.

Back to the MJMWC’s…. you gotta try em’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo >LG

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