Many hats, Many hats.

Everyone knows that moms are multi-taskers.  It does not matter how many kids you have …you are a career multi-tasker mother.  We only have two hands but we open drawers with our toes, we shut the fridge with our feet, we dress our kids with our teeth- we do it all.  seriously..

Lacy and Nikki are prime examples of multi-taskers.  We recently added blogging to the list of things we do and it just about filled our proverbial plates.  We are full.  please no more tasks…  

Our daily tasks involve anything and everything from feeding calves to teaching yoga and each day wraps up with a little blog talk and other blogger duties.  We have coined the term “many hats” because multi-tasker is bland… there is no visual.  We wanted you to imagine us wearing one hat for each thing that we do..  ..

My neck is sore from all the hats that I wear.

My balance was totally off because of my many hats.


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