blast from the past..

Here is a blast from the past.   Lacy and I like to remember our team spirit, the cheers we made up, and the many games that we won.  We were really good.  Our team was Dairy Queen and we made up a cheer that we both remember today.  The cheer is a complicated one and I am amazed that we were able to come up with something that took so much thought at such a young age.  Here it is;  Dairy Queen , Dairy Queen , We’ll top  it off with a little whipped cream.  (we fight over who gets the credit for the complexity of lyrics and the delivery).    When we talk about the good ol’ softball days at Mile High.. one thing stands out the most.  The fact that at every practice I got kicked out.  We are both having a hard time coming up with any actual reasons for this.  I can not think of any reason why you would repeatedly bench someone at practice for supposed behavioral problems at this age.??. and as I look at the photograph I see Lacy back row second in on the left.  Megan Fredrickson also back row third from the right (both Lacy and Megan were coach’s favorites) and then there is sweet little innocent me in the front with my mouth wide open as if I am whispering something so politely.. and my uniform that matches everyone else’s on the team.  hahaha yes it is hard to believe isnt it??

                        Coaches are my dad, my aunt, and Ronnie.. and just for the record, Ronnie was not the one kicking me out of practices:)

One thought on “blast from the past..

  1. Kelsie got kicked out of many games by our Dad. I think it’s just a Dad thing…and ours are sort of similar!

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