project numero uno.

So lately I have been into buying inexpensive dressers, end tables, and anything else made of wood that just needs a little face-lift.  I bring them home, stack them in my garage and tell my husband that I found them for about twenty dollars less than I actually did, and we are both happy.  I strip them, sand them, and paint them pretty colors and then I sell them…for lots of monies.  Well, I havent sold anything yet…but this is my plan.  hahaha   Ok, so here is the first project that I am revealing on the blog.  It is Lacey Edmundson’s desk that she found for hardly any dollars..and now..its…worth…….at least triple maybe even ten times what she paid.  🙂 

Little sand-blasting and some beautiful bone color paint..some knobs from ANTHROPLOGIE (my fav) and walaaaaaa



 Stay tuned to see what my magic hands can do with this beast…………

pretty sure only one can of paint was ever sold in this color.... eeeeeeeeeek

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