Our shortcuts revealed:)

Lacy and I have been known to be “on top of things” when it comes to housework.  People are always asking us when we are going to blog about how we are able to cook, clean, do laundry, go to school (me), teach yoga (Lacy), get the kids to school, keep our husbands happy, stay up with the latest fashion- ALL of this, without staying up all night! 

Well friends of lacyandnikki.wordpress.com we are ready to share.  Surely you thought you would have to wait much longer for our stay-at-home secrets.. more than just 52 posts anyway….. but we really are not the type to procrastinate greatness -so today is the day we want you to reap the rewards.  We want you to try these time-saving tips.    Please read our advice, let it soak in, maybe run some errands,  then come back to it.  Read it again, try it once BUT dont get frustrated if you fail-  remember we are pros and we realize that.  That is why we promote the whole trial and error shebang.

#1.  Use a shop vacuum for EVRYTHING.  So you know why shop vacs are great??  Uhh duh, they have wheels, a HUGE filter and a VERY VERY long hose to reach into every corner, every crevice, and you can wheel her into every single room.  It is a thing of beauty I tell ya.. I take hold of that hose and I clean like crazy and I find joy in the ease that the shop vac provides.  Tucker thinks it is just for the garage..sheeeeeeeesh he doesnt know squat about cleanin’.  The number one secret with the shop vac?…. I clean the inside of the convection oven.. TIME SAVER 🙂   holler.   

#2. Cut and dice pancakes for the kiddos with a ….pizza cutter!  The knife and fork cutting method is prehistoric nonsense… Lacy discovered this idea several years ago and her life and now mine, has never been the same.  You can hold a baby in one hand, latte in the other and with your elbows- you will be able to cut pancakes in a fanciful design.. its too easy.!  Hollerrrrrrrrr

#3.  Throw everything into the washer.  Seriously…whoever says that you need to ‘sort’ your laundry was probably living high on the hoggg and NOT writing a blogggggg.   One time, several years ago… Tucker’s mom came over and could not believe that I threw a belt into the wash..  I didn’t really see what was wrong with it and frankly, I still do not.  The belt was fine and so were all of the clothes so whats the big dilly?? Time SAVER..  what whaaaaaat

These are only three of our many time-saving genius ideas- we can’t share more because our book is coming out in 2013 with all 437 tips..so these three are just ‘teasers’, if you will.  We are confident that if you try the above ideas…you will have more time for things like; rollerblading, longboarding, ice fishing, gopher hunting, flame throwing, kayaking, and of course blog stalking…

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