how we roll…

Yesterday, Tucker, the boys and I went to Harrison Lake to put out mineral for the cows.  We went way up in the hills and placed the tubs strategically where the tubs needed to be.  Tucker is very good at knowing these things- he knows these cows, and they know him.  Its a beautiful thing. 

Cutler stands, Cormac sleeps, my FOOT holds everyone in...this is how we roll. Cutler also serves as somewhat of a shield for me to bugs, mud and any other objects that might fly up unexpectedly when traveling at fast speeds. (thats a joke)



This collage is an update on the owls. They are getting big! Losing their down and getting feathers to fly, fly away. They are getting a little feisty- when I creep into the barn to get the perfect picture for blogging purposes, they snap at me! I don't know how much longer I can risk my face for a picture..


Play this game. Where's W-OWL-DO?? get it?? find him...its hard!!!

2 thoughts on “how we roll…

  1. I love seeing the pics of you all and those owls wow did they grow up fast! I found o owl do too beautiful job

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