This is the second year we have attended the monster truck show at the Butte Civic Center and the only reason we go back is because Cutler sees the Monster Trucks sprinkled all over Butte with all their hugeness and big signs and he knows it is here.  Last year at intermission I lied and told Cutler that the show was over..  I did the same this year.  I mean seriously, how much of that do you need to see?  It’s loud and hard on the eyes (the exhaust AND the people)  Anyway, Cutler had fun and that is all that matters.  I didn’t get the memo that we were supposed to wear sweats…. so we were a bit over-dressed.  I busted out my amazing belt buckle for this event.. Tucker hates it, I LOVE it!   awesome??  Oh you decide..

The show cost was 18.00 for adults and 12.00 for children.. my buckle?  9.99   Best ten bucks I ever spent.


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