Gardening & Graduation;)

I’ve discovered yet another love! Gardening.  I Love Gardening, I’m addicted!  Even though my back aches from hunching over—- I CRAVE More–!! Digging in the soil, pulling weeds, & planting seeds. The kids are getting dirty from head to toe, CJ’s talking all about growing the bwwwoocley & stwwaaberries, and Rocco is very close to actually putting worms in his mouth and devouring them. 

What we’ve planted so far:  3 kinds of Pumpkins, Strawberries, Green Beans, Peas, Carrots, Radishes, Onions, Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage, 3 types of Sunflowers, Broccoli, Cauliflower,  Peppers, Tomatoes, Lavender, 2 Raspberry bushes, Artichokes, Gourds & a variety of flowers! There are already some little spouts poppin’ up, and we still have to plant our Corn rows… it’s a must for the Halloween pics come October.

He Loves Worms. And I got the cute "BLOOM" sign from an antique store to hang on our gardening shed!

CJ had her pre-school Graduation party today.  Even though only 1 kid was actually heading off to kindergarten, ALL the kids got to wear the caps and gowns and participate in the Hawaiian Luau Theme Grad party— which was THE cutest thing EVVVVEEEERRR!!! But before that……  there were some “Super MOM” moments I must include in this story >>> So first off, I Totally forgot the whole grad party was even going on!  I remembered Sat. night at 8pm, which put me into panic-attack-mode (what to wear??-yikes, What to Cook?! –more yikes) Then Pat informed me his championship intramural football game is at the same exact time as the graduation.  CJ slammed her fingers in the car door as we leaving the house (:( ). And last-I volunteered to put all the gowns on the kids, and I put them ALL on backwards! LOL… I did graduate college but never walked or wore a gown…… b/c Whhhelppppp…. I was Preggerzz! How was I supposed to know the zipper was in the front of those things?!  All near disasters…..which Super Mom herself…. AhhhhEhhhmmm….ME seemed to solve!  well.. not really but everything worked out…. I found some cute semi-matching family outfits, whipped up a deliciously super easy Dutch Apple Salad, Pat lost his 1st game so they didn’t get into the chipper, and well bandaids, chocolate, and quick gown turn arounds fix everything!!!!

 CJ was sooo Cute! I’m so proud of her! ~LG

3 thoughts on “Gardening & Graduation;)

  1. CJ looked adorable in that cap and gown!!

    OMG, I can’t believe how much more you did in the garden since Friday!! It looks amazing! I see that the orange wheelbarrow is a hit!

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