Cutler’s favorite store is Quality Supply- for many reasons.  There are shelves of miniature tractors and farming equipment toys right when you enter the store- there are REAL tractors, atv’s, and farm equipment just behind that.  If I can physically drag him away from that area, we get to fight yet again in the two toy aisles that they have towards the back.  Just past that area are the baby chickens and bunnies in cages that they get in every Spring.  We don’t need to go on lavish vacations because we take Cutler to Quality Supply.  Anyways, Cutler can not say Quality Supply very well and my whole face turns red when he loudly tells the ladies in the check-out at SAfeway that he is going to ‘Twatty Supply’ with his dad to see the chicks.       so awesome.

Speaking of awesomeness.. we are going to the Monster Truck show tonight which is always entertaining.  Seriously it never fails…Butte’s finest come out for this event.  There are more mullets, thongs, sandals with socks and glorious Butte hair at this two hour event than anywhere else in the world.  I will be posting pictures..dont worry.  Not of faces… there really is no need. 

Have an awesome weekend.

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