Gumballs, Globes, and my lil Guy~!

My Mr. Rocco was such a delight this morning.  Big sis CJ is staying with Grandma Bubby (Barb:)) & Papa Mark for the week.  It’s a weird feeling just having one baby at home, he’s been sooo sweet and cuddly.  He watched a little baby einstein video on the couch all by himself, and was just in awe over the big pile of worms I stacked up on his shoe while we were working out in the garden.  So quiet while he’s napping.  We miss big sister lots, but know she’s getting lots of love in Butte.  I will enjoy this alone time with my lil guy, his obsession with the gumball machine, and how he thinks the globe is a ball to throw around.  He’s such a good boy! ~LG

One thought on “Gumballs, Globes, and my lil Guy~!

  1. Lucky for you he didn’t try eating the worms. Brent did at his age and didn’t spit them out, I had to do a finger sweep to try and get the chewed up pieces out of his mouth. YUK!

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