Rollerblade Reenactment

This is the first of many reenactments that will be recorded here on 

It all started on a crisp spring morning back in 2002.  The altitude seemed extra high that day in the mining city, butte america.  Our K2 Brand rollerblades were shiny, sleek, & sharp.  We laced up those bad-boys, put on our backpacks, and cut loose out of Nikki’s house heading straight up the hill.  Yes… we were rollerblading to school.  Butte High School that is.  Situated in uptown Butte, where roads are known to be a little ROUGH and a lotta STEEP! The idea seemed fine…… I’m always up to participate in some early morning exercise, however once on the road I realized this was not just any ol’ exercise.  We were extreme rollerblading through loads of gravel, plether of potholes, and harassing passerby’s who were also heading to school (but by car). It was a fierce morning like many I remember during those days in Butte… but we made it to school on time- our rollerblades fit perfectly in our locker, and we were at ease knowing we would NOT be rollerblading all the way home STRAIGHT effffING DOWNHILL……leaving the stunts to the true hometown daredevils Evel Knievel & Spanky Spangler.

We conquered the quest again ~ May 2011.

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