getting INK done

Lacy and I have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from this blog and our readers/subscribers- so we thought we better step it up and show the wordpress world how we express our gratitude.  We thought about making bumper stickers that say ‘Honk if you read’ OR making tees that say on the front ‘Gotta BLOG?’ and on the back, ‘ we do. check it out at!’  OR just business cards to pass out like the flapper people in Vegas, we would stand at Wal-Mart and flap them at all the passer-bys… these are all great ideas but we went with something much more practical and well, permanant. check it out blog lovers..

DC making the masterpiece...

wrappin' it up!

the stencil before the ink.

lacy under the gun..

I was TOTALLY freaking out!!!!

So there you have it.  We are inked with the URL that we love so much..  special thanks to Dan Callahan at Paper Sack Ink on the corner of Arizona and Broadway in uptown Butte.  Dan has a passion for tattoos and is a crazy good artist.. his shop is full of sweet paintings that he did.. everything from pen and ink to large scale acrylic paintings.  He is pretty rad– check out his shop!!  Tell him that sent you! LOL

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