fitness FASHION Pants

I knew you were all awaiting the day we (lacy and nikki @ would start blogging about FASHION.  So here ya GO:)

Today I drove to Butte – straight shot 5 hrs NO STOPPIN” .  Apon arriving I felt like I was going to keeeel over or faint from the road trip- feeling old, tired, hungry.  Then………………… I Put on ZUMBA PANTS! Let me tell you they are life changing.  I think they took me back to the MC Hammer Pants Era and I felt like I was 11 yrs old again.  Jumping, Dancing, Twisting , Rolling down the hills in the front yard, Nature Walking two times with my dad…. all in my new ZUMBA PANTS!!!!  

Next fitness fashion topic….. YOGA JEANS

Ok I have 1 pair of jeggings, and they are— ok.  definitely wouldn’t wear them to yoga… but I just found these online, at first I didn’t know what to think.  Maybe when my kids get a little older, and I have to go straight from yoga to parent teacher conferences!

I like the idea of this though....

 Watch this vid. You will be Sold on yoga jeans:)

I never thought I would wear Zumba Pants either…. gotta get me a pair of Yoga Jeans!! xoxox -Lacy

One thought on “fitness FASHION Pants

  1. love love love your blog can you send it to Becky or can I, I don’t know much about blogs

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