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Today was a big day for Curly Gulch Ranch.  We branded 180 calves and we all got a sunburn!  I am pretty excited about the sunburn for myself because they turn to a tan pretty quickly but for Cormac..yikes!  He is a little Powder baby so Im thinking its not going to turn. Sorry buddy.

I had oral surgery yesterday WHICH I did not plan on talking about on here or on facebook, because, I think that is weird- but because I woke up this morning and my face was so swollen it looked I had a cheek full of food AND I could see my cheek without looking in the mirror.. I figure I better prepare all who read the blog because Lacy and I are planning on posting some pictures of us in the next 48 hours.  So NO I do not have a really fat face–I had surgery and the swelling WILL go down.  ( and my address is po box 3833 Butte 59702 for all sympathy cards, get well soon, and or presents of any kind.)         on with the blog

So, Tucker knew Lacy Gannon was coming in this weekend and he still let me know how important it is that I be at the branding.  He gave me a very big guilt trip and told me that he REALLY wanted me there and that it would mean so much to him and basically that the whole plan would fall apart if I didn’t go blah blah blah…  So Ill admit it, I was  flattered.  I got up this morning with a little pep in my step, little swelling in my cheekies but whatever.  Have probably 26 stitches is my gums and just yesterday my sinuses were exposed while the dentist was scooping out an absess but I mean whatever..Im excited about branding right??  My husband needs me.  So I roll into Harrison and almost instantly I got a phone call from my love.. he said something like..”dndjjdhfj shfjhsjf  Im starving  sfkjfjhjs”  It was breaking up real bad and thats all I heard.  The cell service is bad at the lake (where he was) so after like 8 failed attempts to call him.  I went into the TOWN HAUL DINER  (pssst best food ever, amazing cooks, unbeatable service and everything is locally raised..) I ordered a dozen sandwiches and brought them to the crew.  This was a rope and drag branding so the guys were working real hard- I put the rush on.. drove overly fast to get it there.  About an hour after my arrival with the food.. Tucker so kindly asked me to go up to the cabin and sit on the deck to chase the calves and cows away from the house.. as I started towards it- WITH Cormac in one hand, diaper bag and Cutler on the other side it DAWNED on me.  “He only wants me here to do errands and give chase to the effing heifers” scuse my language..but I was floored.  I learn the hard way sometimes.  He used to tell me how strong I was when I was opening gates for him, it was only after 200 gates that I realized he had shmoozed me into that one too. lol  anyways..oooooooh  he is a smart one.    

Branding went smoothly and thanks to all the people that helped-  thank you, thank you.  Cutler had a blast, got real dirty and played hard in the corrals.  He was driving toy trucks in cow dung, picking up owl pellets (refer to WHooooo WHooooo blog) and THEN HE……… ate cheetos.  licked his fingers too..uckkk I can hardly type about it… it makes me ill. WHO the heck brought Cheetos?? lol

heres the day in photos.

Ricks chickens...



5 thoughts on “branding etc…

  1. Nikki! You crack me up girl!! Hope you feel better! That’s brutal! Keep up the great work on the blog. Love reading it!

  2. Nikki! You crack me up girl!! Hope you feel better, mouth work is brutal! Keep up the good work! Love reading it!!

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