WOW… first of all I want to give a BIG -GINORMOUS thanks to my fellow co-bogger for the very kind words yesterday.  She has a way with words here on where she can sum up our friendship, oprah & gayles’, make you cry, laugh, AND  wish me happy b-day all in 3.5 paragraphs. Now that is good blogging!

Yesterday I spent some of the day teaching 4 yoga classes. It was an absolutely perfect INVIGORATING way to bring in the big 27.  While reading a fitness magazine at the gym I came across an article of how Madonna (MY IDOL!!!!!) is opening up a heath-club chain called Hard-Candy Fitness.  The name  is a combination of “hard-body” and “eye candy”  (similar to how “lacy” and “nikki” were conjoined for  In the interview in the mag Madonna was asked “how important is fitness in your lifestyle?”  And she simply stated “ESSENTIAL.”  Now that is for REAL!!!!!   I Madonna and came home to google when these gyms would be appearing at stores near you.  Sadly they are only overseas for now. … but seriously look at Madonna in these pix. She’s A  CRAZZZZZYYYYYYY GIIIIRRRRRLLLLL!!!!!

Madonna is like a fountain of youth.  I want to be like her when I grow up;)!!

2 thoughts on “Essential.

  1. Love the entry today. It’s a mantra anyone can adopt anytime in life to become more balanced (happy).
    Fun & Beautiful.

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