HB LG! (Happy Birthday Lacy Gannon)


Last week Oprah had a show about best friends.  She talked about the day she met Gayle King- her bestest bestie friend.  It was a real crappy day in Baltimore and one of the gals on her small staff was hanging around the building waiting for the weather to change when Oprah offered her a place to stay.  They ended up talking all night long and they have been best friends ever since. When asked how they have remained friends this long, Oprah says it is because they always want the best for one another in every single situation in life.  They lift each other up, support one another and that THAT is incredibly rare thing between even the closest of  friends. 

In 1993, on the Whittier playground (home of the  Wildcats and under the principalship of George Parrett) I met Lacy Lynn Lisac.  I can’t honestly say that I had ANY inclination that we would one day be maids-of-honors in each other’s weddings…. or that we would have our first child ONE month apart..I certainly did not think the latter of the two would come first.. but it did.  I could not have ever guessed that we would decide to continue our academia at North Idaho College together or that as fate would have it, we would even share a dorm room!  I can assure you with ABSOLUTE certainty that I would have never ever guessed that we would co-blog a blog together.  This blog could have very well been lacy.wordpress.com had we not met that Wednesday on the Whittier playground at first recess..

Today, (May 4) I celebrate the beautiful person that is – Lacy Gannon.   She is a rare find and I am so blessed to have her in my life.  She is hilarious and has an uncanny ability to make people laugh until it hurts.  She is a go-getter and does nothing half way.  Lacy is an amazing mother to two stunningly beautiful children that I love like my own.  I would give up coffee for good- to have them live closer.  I know that there are other people that feel the same way as I do about Lacy.. other friends of her’s that are feeling these same feelings- knowing that her friendship is a special thing…    that says so much about her. 

So I want to be the first one on lacyandnikki.wordpress.com to wish you, Lacy Gannon, a blessed 27th birthday.  You are 365 days lovlier than before and I cherish you as a person and as a friend.  YOU are my Gayle.

xoxoxox muahhhhhh 

7 thoughts on “HB LG! (Happy Birthday Lacy Gannon)

  1. Happy birthday lace! You are such an amazing women, friend and mom! I miss the heck out of you and hope you have the best day ever!

  2. Happy Birthday Lacey. Nikki – that post made me want to cry. You are both blessed to have such a friendship. I can honestly say that I have never experienced a friendship like that. It should be cherished. You are both very lucky.
    Lacey- I hope that you had an awesome day. I saw on facebook that it was your birthday, but didn’t have a chance to say anything.

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