Whooooooo WHoooooo….

We went to Harrison today to bring cattle to grass and there is a big old barn.  Last year there was a pair of owls so I went in to see of they were back and sure enough…

This is the staircase leading up to the top of the barn. Its creepy..even in the middle of day.


This is the mama owl. Beautiful.


This is Tucker when he discovered owlets in the nest!! Hes pretty pumped...


ewwwwww. Thats really all I can say about owlets


Cutler saw this picture and he said, "Ohhh mom, hes cute." lol I guess Cutler... whatever you say.


These are the 'pellets' that the owls regurgutate. They eat mice and essentially cough up the bones and fur in a perfect turd-like chunk. These were everywhere in the barn.


This is the mom waiting nearby for us to leave so she can get back to her babies!

 Ok a little bit about horned owls.
The tufts that look like ears are not ears, they are just feathers and help them to blend into trees etc.  The ears are little slits but they hear everything.  They have poor sense of smell though and will even eat a skunk.  They mate for life.  Their talons are extremely powerful and require 30 lbs of force to release an object from their talons.  Oh and they have been known to attack humans for approaching the nests.. lol.  That is why Tucker went first… scary!
anyways..little science for ya.. Lacy and I are pretty scientific so keep checking in to learnnnnnn!! 

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