whata weekend!!

This weekend we had some SERIOUS FUN!  Started off friday night with the Shriners Circus.  We have been the last 3 years in a row and they put on a super show, and the kids go Bonkerzzz, They Love IT!!

Pat & Rocco getting ready to go in!


funny clown


Rocco and Wyatte don’t know what to think at first!

baby theo's 1st Circus!


CJ and I rode the Elephant...


LOL!who looks most excited – Pat, Rocco, or Pickles the Clown!?

 Saturday we went to Sky High Sports- the Trampoline Place….. coolest place ever!!

And Sunday was BLOOMSDAY!  I ran it in 62.15- which was 2 minutes over my goal time, but it felt GREAT and was such a GORGEOUS DAY
ohhh soo good to see these lil buggerz after the race!

Bubby & CJ really wanted to ride the gondola skyride:)

thanks everyone for coming!!

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