Nikkis Bachelorette Party 09.

Vince totally knew we were being photographed…. lol
Lacy and I are clearly working harder than the rest….

                                                      These photos were taken July of 2009 at Nikki Edmundson’s bachelorette party.  We went out for a cocktail the night before, went to bed early to prepare for the strenuous journey down the Clark Fork.  We remained silent the entire trip, paddles our arses  off, and kindly thanked our guide for really doing nothing.  Looking back, we probably could have saved some monies by just having Lacy (Gannon) and I guide the crew down.  As for everyone else??  They were just decoration. 

     Im kidding of course!!!  We went out ALL night long, drank WAY too much and didnt even eat breakfast which was the BIGGEST mistake.  We were starving, tired and really thirsty.  The guide hated us, and pretty much Lacey Edmundson saved our lives because she was the only one paddling..  (she also was the only one absent from the night on the town- the night before) .    The Clark Fork Guides probably slipped our guide a couple of twenties for symapthy because they probably heard our loud mouths the whole way through the canyon.  We asked every other raft on the water for food and continued asking ….and then asked some more.  Oh good times.  Vince, you look adorable BTW.

                                                                   Love yas  xoxoxox Nikki (of

One thought on “Nikkis Bachelorette Party 09.

  1. nik papa and I so enjoyed your blog the pictures of those darling boys really help us not to miss them so much keep it up! we also liked the owls, papa found that very interesting and I agree with Cutler they are cute.

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