cj, rocco, and I were down at the park by our house today playing happily in the decent spring weather. i was super pumped watching rocco climb up some of the equipment on his own. cj was having a total blast pretending rocco was a monster chasing her through the tunnels, screaming and laughing.  then i look over and i see 2 teenage boys on the roof of this little building by park (????) i was confused but didn’t pay much attention.  i had my hands full making sure rocco didn’t get in fireman mode, and try to slide down the fire pole.  then all of a sudden these 2 teens were invading OUR jungle gym.  cj and i thought fast and similarly, and scurried down to safe ground. i was VERY confused now… the teens bolted up the slide the wrong way, climbed on top of the tunnel, and then jumped on the little castle roof at the top of the jungle gym. they were hoping all over the ginormous wooden & plastic structures and one even yelled “WEEEEEEE” as he flipped two complete circles around the bar then went down the slide.

sitting down in the little pebbles getting my black yoga pants all dusty i was thinking “what the heck is going on here, they totally just booted us off!” (it was not safe up there with those two big boys jumping & flipping in their oversized skater shoes) but  just as i was getting ready to say something like “pardon me – can’t you see there was a 3yr old, 1yr old, and almost 27yr old playing here before you rudely took over.” I opted to be “that” COOL mom, and ask “ARE YOU DOING PARKOUR?”

i’ve seen this stuff on youtube and a little on tv, but NEVER i real life!  i didn’t know whether to be mad at the teens or not.  my mama mind started turning and thinking how this is probably the cool thing for teens to be doing now and WHAT IF Rocco wants to do this one day….and how it IS actually kind of fun to watch and waaaayyyy  better than being stuck inside playing video games- at least they were outside AND getting exercise. 

the teen answered “yes”… and then continued on backfliping off of the water fountain and climbing a REALLLY high tree.

i forgave the teens for taking over our jungle gym and came home to google “parkour” being as i used the word acting like i knew what i was talking about.

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