Just the kids.

I love this....

Gunner mowing the lawn..
Reading hour.. I read the stories AND act them out. Superstar sitter- thats me:) 
Cormac is teething and it’s no fun for a mom… Many moms give their kids tylenol…I give Cormac the whole bottle of tylenol- with the lid on. He can not get the lid off, he chews on the rubbery end and it is MAGIC people…Im telling you. I would not let him be seen in public suckin on a tylenol bottle but pictured on lacyandnikki.wordpress.com?? Hells yeah.
I thought this was pretty funny… I told Cutler to hold the gun still..I was trying to focus on the orange tip..and then when I got the image on my computer I realized…judging by Cutler’s face; he really did not mind pointing a gun at his mother.
awww.  They are so different aren’t they?? little boogers.
This is the way Cormac  prefers his pacifier.

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