My fall from Grace….

Ok so I am not one to air my dirty laundry or to boast about my mistakes, BUT when you have a blog- it is a requirement to talk about all things good or bad right??  Well, today I am going to tell the big blog world a HUGE secret.   This is a time when you should feel honored and privileged to be a reader because you are going to get a glimpse of the dirty.  I am dishin out the juicy goodness of the awful truth.  This will be painful but here goes ……………… I……am…….no longer in the running for…….(eeek) mother of the year!  My perfect streak of parenting perfection is over and I am just beside myself that I could mess it up the way that I did.  Ok here is my Tuesday morning.

  I was in a deep sleep and Tucker came in at 7:10 am and reminded me that today was Cutler’s pre-school day (This is every Tues and Thurs 8:45-10:45) So.. I leapt out of bed and begin my impeccable morning routine.  I start the bath water for Cutler and begin to mix the batter for homemade (from scratch) pancakes, iron Cutler’s clothes (psych!)  The rest is true until the ironing part…   I was feeding Cormac and getting him dressed when I called out ever so sweetly to my husband, “Honey, will you check the calendar and see if there is anything going on in Cutler’s school today?”   He replied, “Umm it says, Easter Party.”  Ok, so I vaguely remembered signing up to bring treats and really- I knew there was no way that I could stop at the store and buy treats but luckily, I am ALWAYS prepared and organized- so I had a giant pack of HonestAde kids organic low sugar drinks in my truck.  Perfect right??  Yep, you are right, it was perfect.  I brought Cutler into the school with the juice and said, “Have fun buddy, love you.” and I….. left.

   Fast Forward to two hours later.  10:45 am.  I pull up to Crayola Academy and I skip into the doors kind of thinking the teacher was going to say something like “Nikki, GREAT idea bringing the low glycemic index juices, on a day like this when everyone is bringing loads of sugar, I can count on a supermom like you to bring a wise-choice snack”  But the real conversation went something like this…. 

 Teacher: “Hey, can I talk to you.”  (I was still foreshadowing a supermom comment)   

Teacher: “Did you know today we had a p-a-r-a-d-e?” 

Me (in my head)pa. par. parad  ..oh parade! OHHHHHHHHHHH …ohh.oooooooo oh no..   

 Teacher:  “The kids sang, and parents took pictures” 

 Me: “Oh my gosh, what??  I had NO idea!    From there, everything was a blur.  She was saying in a very nice way that I was the only mom absent from this extremely important event.  The guilt was building up so much that I could taste it in my mouth..  or maybe it was the coffee and crackers I was snacking on while I was watching tevoed Oprah at my mom’s instead of participating in a milestone in my son’s life. ..

I apologized and told her how embarrassed I was and she kindly made me feel like this failure was not going to define me as a mom- but it would; at least for today.  I had a good cry, called everyone I could think of and started fishing for compliments.  My husband let me know that I am a wonderful mom and that he loves me dearly and that getting upset about this is just- silly. 

So… I was feeling like some positive self talk.. ” this is ok, I mean he is three Nikki, he will have oodles of parades, songs, concerts, professional football games..etc that you can watch with pride and know that one little tiny pre-school parrrrade is not going to matter.”  So I drive home, looking at my little Easter bunny in the back seat with his little easter decorated hat on and armfuls of pastel colored candy…I pull up to our house and I look on the bulletin for pre-school events.  I look on April 19th-the one that I asked Tucker to read to me this morning and it reads, (in English)  “Easter Party-see sidenote”  I glance at the bold printed sidenote and it reads..” EASTER PARTIES- WE will have our usual parade, and then go downstairs for our Easter songs.  Parade time is 10:20.  I do need some helpers, thank you so much.”

So.. seriously?? Can this be tallied on Tucker’s side???  I call BS and think my disqualification from the perfect parent should be re-instated.  

Poor Cutler.

3 thoughts on “My fall from Grace….

  1. I know having 3 children you do forget things its so hard keeping up with work housecleaning cooking and taking care of all the babies! We do make mistakes! Sorry you missed such a big day especially being the first year of preschool but I’m sure cutler forgives you!

  2. I am finally getting around to reading all your blogs. I was laughing so hard I had tears on this one. You are such a drama queen and a damn funny one at that! I love you, you are one of a kind! your mother!

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