Nikki and I have been very somber that CJ, Cutler, Cormac, & Rocco do not get to spend EVERY day together.  So we decided we were going to have a child together.  Let me be very clear on this.  This child was not delivered in a hospital, we didn’t have to take lamaze classes, or pre-natal Yoga (even though I highly recommend it… refer to Pre-Natal yoga blog). This kind of birth did not require a midwife, heavy breathing, forceps, an epidural, stitches, stretch marks, lactation, or varicose veins. 

This baby’s birth was smooth, pain-free, and rather enjoyable.  This baby went un-named for nearly 24hrs. We were racking our brains for the perfect name, but we kept coming up empty-handed.  It was the stroke of genius– we came up the name— we decided to combine our names, separated with the simple, yet sophisticated conjunction “and”.  On March 25th 2011 was born.  Looking at that Url in my web-browser has made me feel so many emotions.. to name a few… pride, courage, strength, selflessness, humor, ambition, &  happiness.  Although we have pondered about bringing other siblings into the world like, there can only be One

With every click, this blog baby developes into a beautiful creature.

Our lives and yours will never be the same. 

please attend blog babies 1 month birthday celebration on April 25th by viewing our blog….I’ll give you a hint…..It’s gonnna be BIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGG!!!!!

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