Spring Cleaning……

All you mom’s out there who are trying to take on the task of “Spring Cleaning” can probably relate~ Whoever coined the term “Spring Cleaning” was surely not a mom with 2 Very Messy rugrats, a person with a garden that needed to be weeded out and planted, or lived in the NW where puddles of mud/rain are sure to be brought in the entry way and spread through the whole house on a daily basis.  

This is what happens when I try to clean out the fridge…

 He always swipes my sweeper

My front room is usually on the verge of a total TOY disaster or all out UFC brawl…..

Mr. Muddy Face actually EATS the mud-pies

 I screeched… “Please DO NOT run through the Puddles!!!” 


When I’m totally lost I usually turn to the domestication diva Martha… but her spring cleaning checklist was too long and complicated.. I found an easier one!

1. Empty cupboards and drawers and wipe them out.
2. Launder draperies. You may be able to extend the time between washings by tossing drapes into the dryer every so often. It freshens them up and removes dust.
3. Clean under the appliances.
4. Remove window screens and wipe them down.
5. Clean window blinds.
6. Check smoke alarms; replace batteries.
7. Have your chimney cleaned. This will become a fire hazard if not done regularly.
8. Rent a rug shampooer and steam clean your carpets.
9. Dust baseboards and door/window jams.
10. Have your furnace/vents cleaned.
11. Shampoo upholstered furniture.
12. Go through closets and donate unused clothing, toys, and household items. Alternately, hold a garage sale.
13. Clean light fixtures
14. Scrub on top of cupboards
15. Perform maintenance on appliances. For example: fridges need to have the coils vaccumed. some dishwashers have food traps that can accumulate, vacuums need new filters, bags, etc.


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