2 new additions…

We added two to the Edmundson family… they are not in the house or anything but they are here and we love them dearly..
This is Boise the cat.. He is from Harrison and was given to us because he took a liking to his sister.. Grampa Rick said he had to go because he is a “No pride rider” lol. So, I opened my arms (but not my house)to this little ginger cat. Love em xoxo
Cutler named the cat Boise because he thinks Boise is the equivalent of DisneyLand. I love these barn cats because they are smart enough to catch mice but dumb enough to let 3 year olds pick them up and tote them around, drop them, and pick them up again.
Buzz the pig!!! He was the runt of 57 pigs at Grampa Rick’s so he said he needs to go!! We love when Rick weeds out the weaklings and the inbreds and gifts them to us!  yay for Grampa Rick!!

Cutler is going to Harrison this weekend for an Easter Egg hunt, (he is going to woop the competition..jk) while we are there, we are going to visit the pigs and take pictures.  It is the cutest thing ever to see all those piglets runnin around!!  Check back. 🙂 –nik  

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