Pre-Natal Yoga

Well, today was absolutely amazing!  I did a 10 hour YogaFit Pre-Natal Yoga teacher training.  I learned Soooo much and also got to reflect on all the amazing, wonderful, strange and Not so Nice things that comes along with being pregnant.  We had to stuff our shirts with a pillow to simulate a lil’ bun in the oven while we practiced, AND….. Name our baby-pillow!! I felt like I was Really preggerz again, it was a little crazy/exciting! 

Yoga is a Journey, and not a destination.  Just like a pregnancy.  You find out your pregnant and then all of a sudden you are on this amazing roller coaster of ups & downs and at the end the doctor places your sweet baby in your arms… and then your off on another completely different ride being a Momma. That momma ride is about a zillion blogs in itself!! Here are some of our pregnancy photos Nikki and I had taken during our 2nd babies.  Stay tuned for our photoshoot we had together on Tubs Hill with the 1st babes in the bellies…..;)

I didn't know this until today, but while your pregnant your body produces a hormone called Relaxin that allows more flexibility and stretch in the ligaments of the body. Because of the newfound flexibility mom can & may get deeper into poses than she normally can!

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