I went skydiving…..

Before Lacy 'took the plunge' and got married in 2008, we wanted to do something fun and exciting for her bachelorette party. Lacy had this brilliant idea to jump out of a plane- and we all signed up:) We found babysitters for Cutler and CJ, loaded up Barb's hummer and headed for Ronan, MT! It was invigorating and crazy, it was a feeling I have never known and one that I can not wait to experience again. The guys at Montana Skydiving were hilarious and very good at what they do (thats why we are all still here)

We drew straws to see who would go first and then we snuck over to the gas station for some booze to take care of the jitters...lol There is a strict no alcohol rule but we just had sparks so it didnt count.


This is our pilot...cant remember his name (thanks to Sparks) BUT he looks so much like Frawley..

preparing for take-off…            

THe Bloggers -Lacy and Nikki


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